Food and Wine

We would like you to taste delicacies and excellent wines from our land, right where they are produced – the pride of our world famous cooking.

Between the gifts of the sea and the fruits of the earth


breathe in the flavours of a seaward land ready to give you a thousand delicacies expedited with such beauty and care.

Truffles, cured meats, exquisite rural cooking tradition

In a tradition made of ancient and simple recipes you will get a taste of strong flavors, fruits of a generous land.

Amelia e Narni:
Olive oil, bread, legumes and foods full of history


Among hills covered in occasional olive tree groves, you will savour several diffrent uses and combinations of the authentic olive-oil, a product which shaped the history of Food and Wine in Italy.

Rome :
The time-honored cuisine


The succession of centuries excels in Roman cuisine, match point and fusion of the cultures which carved out the Eternal City.