The essence of the journey

is in the heartfelt welcome


We imagine for you not only a simple geographical itinerary, but also a path which will take

you through places and centuries towards a past which is still living.


Continuing the tradition of the Grand Tour of Europe, we want to amaze you and teach you the wisdom and way of life which has been rooted here since time immemorial. We want to show you the concept of mediterranean hospitality  which is at the very essence of every Roman and Greek. 


When you enter our home, you do so as a special guest, but you will find yourself leaving after a warm welcome,  as a life- long friend.


By living in one of our residences, we hope that as soon as you step inside the door, you will feel immediately and entirely at home and as though you have always belonged in this welcoming family environment.


Our wish for you is to discover the authentic Italy and by sharing our experiences together, we hope we will have some unforgettable memories and we will forge a long lasting bond.