Nights in Rome, Venice casino, through Umbria Jazz evenings and thousand more events: an other world to to discover.

Meet in Trastevere

Music, clubs and glee: the best spice for the most charming spots you will ever see.


A City,  a Bike

A bike tour to discover Rome. Amongst Trastevere and the Villas, come and see the less known face of the eternal city.

Trekking in the Countryside

Immerse yourself in the silence, peace and tranquillity of the countryside. The only sounds being the animal calls and echoes of farming life, you will get a taste of the slow passage of time amongst rolling hills and occasional meadows.

Open air gastronomy

Is there a better place for an excellent meal than on the land that created it? We will let your senses be the judge of that!

Umbria Jazz and Perugia

Long lasting nights amongst fast jazz notes, framed by the most amazing hamlets of Italy.

The elegance of the night in Venice

Gently touched by soft lights, discover the welcome and the vanity of the elegant city on the lagoon